Tara Fortier

Dr. Tara Fortier is a Project Leader at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and serves as Graduate Faculty at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her research is focused on the development and application of optical frequency combs for high precision atomic clock comparisons and ultra low-noise microwave generation. She received her Ph.D at JILA/ University of Colorado on the development of phase-stabilized ultra-fast lasers for quantum coherent control experiments. As a Postdoctoral Director’s Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory she performed optical atomic clock comparisons as a means to search for time variation of fundamental constants and violations of physical laws. She was awarded the 2009 European Time and Frequency Forum Young Scientist Award for her contributions to optical frequency comb development, was a successful champion in the DARPA PULSE Program, and has served as the government evaluator for the DARPA EPHI and STOIC programs. Finally, Dr. Fortier serves on the NIST board of directors for Women in STEM and is committed to serving and advancing the representation of women and minorities in physics and photonics.