David Shoemaker

Key points
• Worked with E/Prof. Rainier Weiss (2017 Nobel Laureate) since 1977.
• Director of the Advanced LIGO
• 2017 Spokesperson for the 1000+ members of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration.

In 2004, I established the organization of Advanced LIGO, took on its leadership, started to make engineering cost and schedule estimates, and started the Project planning. We proposed to the NSF, and were given our requested funding and an April 2008 start date. I led the formal Advanced LIGO Project from 2008-2015, when the Project completed on time and on budget in March 2015.
After a period working on the characterization of the detector, I was elected to my present responsibility as LIGO Scientific Collaboration Spokesperson in March 2017.

David H. Shoemaker