A variety of workshops will be held as part of the AIP 2018 Congress.

Engineering your Imagination: ANFF Short Course on Nanofabrication Technologies

Sunday 9 December
Murdoch Lecture Theatre, University of Western Australia
Included in full registration, limited tickets available

Engineering your imagination: If you’re looking for a way to realise you research ideas or make a device that you never thought possible, then come to the ANFF Short Course on Nanofabrication Technologies. The ANFF Short Course on Nanofabrication Technologies will provide you with a technical and research introduction to the range of nanofabrication capabilities at your disposal in the ANFF network. You will learn what types of process tools ANFF has, what you can do with these tools, and the range of devices or structures that you can make. Your journey into nanofabrication will be facilitated by a team of expert process engineers and researchers drawn from the ranks of the ANFF network, the very people you will engage with when you use ANFF’s facilities.

Established under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy, the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) is comprised of 8 nodes across 21 institutions throughout Australia. Each specialised ANFF Node has a critical mass of state-of-the-art research facilities, technical know-how and academic knowledge to enable world class research. With over 500 process tools and more than 2,500 research users, ANFF is a powerhouse of nanofabrication to support your research.

Diversity and Equity Group in Australian Physics (DE-GAP) Workshop (including brunch)

Tuesday 11 December
Included in full registration, limited tickets available

Presentation by Maureen Frank (emberin).

Physics in Education Group (PEG) Workshop (including High Tea)

Tuesday 11 December
Price:  $38 per person, limited tickets available

Presentation by Professor Chandralekha Singh (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
How to strengthen physics by making it inclusive

The Secrets of Scientific Publishing

Wednesday 12 December
Included in full registration, limited tickets available

Scientific writing is inherent to academia—yet little to not time is invested into training and, ultimately, mastering it.

In this workshop Professor Aharonovich and Dr Bradac delve into the world of scientific publishing. They dissect the topic, from sharing their experience on how to conceive and write a scientific paper to understanding how the publication process “actually” works.

What you get. At the workshop you will acquire practical tools to write impactful and high-quality research articles and gain a deeper understanding of the key aspects of scientific publishing. Targeted to PhD students and Early Career Researchers, the workshop is a must if you are committed to become a better scientist, critical thinker and communicator of new ideas.

For more information and details you can check Prof Aharonovich and Dr Bradac’s website and Dr Bradac’s book An Educated Guide to Scientific Writing.