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Workshop – The Secrets of Scientific Publishing

2 hours, to be held during the conference on Wednesday
Places limited – bookings to be taken during the registration process

Scientific writing is inherent to academia—yet little to not time is invested into training and, ultimately, mastering it.

In this workshop Professor Aharonovich and Dr Bradac delve into the world of scientific publishing. They dissect the topic, from sharing their experience on how to conceive and write a scientific paper to understanding how the publication process “actually” works.

What you get. At the workshop you will acquire practical tools to write impactful and high-quality research articles and gain a deeper understanding of the key aspects of scientific publishing. Targeted to PhD students and Early Career Researchers, the workshop is a must if you are committed to become a better scientist, critical thinker and communicator of new ideas.

For more information and details you can check Prof Aharonovich and Dr Bradac’s website and Dr Bradac’s book An Educated Guide to Scientific Writing.